Pownal Elementary School

June 16th, 2014



Tuesday, September 2nd will be the first day of school for next year. If you need a copy of the 2014-15 school calendar, you can pick one up in the office or click on this link. If you need something specifically from Mrs. Demick or Mrs. Nielsen during the summer, please call the office before coming here as, due to vacations and summer meetings, the office may not be open.

Field Day
Wednesday, June 18th will be our annual field day. The events for K, 1, and 2 will take place from 9:30-11:00 am. Grades 3, 4, and 5 will happen from 1:00-2:30 pm. Parents are welcome to come and watch these fun events which include 3-legged races, spoon races, water balloon toss, tug-o-war, and more!

Last Day of School Schedule
Our final assembly will begin at 9:30 am. We will begin with the annual 5th grade slide show and continue with class-wide awards and presentations. Before the school is dismissed at 11:45, we will line up and have a "clap-out" of our 5th graders as they leave for the summer and their new adventure in Middle School. Again, parents are invited to participate in these last day activities.

Is your child ready for Preschool or Kindergarten?
If your child is 4 years old or will be by October 15th, (or do you know of a Pownal or Durham child who is) have you registered your child for our great Pre-K or Kindergarten program? Please contact Kathi Hardy, our Pre-K/K teacher, for more information on both programs.

Box Tops for Education
Throughout the summer as you enjoy cook-outs and summer fun, remember we are still saving Box Tops for Education which you will find on many, many food items. When you get a bunch, you can drop them off here at the office.

Summer Reading Challenge is back again!
Read the yellow paper that went home with the 6/13 Panther Press if you have forgotten the rules for the Summer Reading Challenge. Each class receives a different colored loop for either each page you read or each book that you read over the summer, according to your grade. We will attach these loops together to make a chain and, hopefully, it will stretch from the gym to the back door of the school in September. You must complete the reading log and return it to school when it is full to get a colored loop. It's fun and keeps all of us reading during our summer vacation time.

Summer Math Olympics is back!
All students entering grades 1-6 are encouraged to keep their math smarts by participating in the Summer Olympics. There are many options for doing this. The blue recording sheet was attached to the 6/13 Panther Press. All materials are also on the PES website under "Summer Resources." If you would like a hard copy of your child's packet, please return the tear-off slip at the bottom of the 6/13 Panther Press. Remember in the Fall we will have a celebration where students will be recognized for all their hard work with bronze, silver, and gold medals. HAVE FUN!!


Summer Reminders
If you are looking for summer camps this year, remember to check with Freeport Community Education and Recreation Center. There are many camps available for all ages and interests. The web site is www.rsu5-rce.org or call 865-6171.


Just some reminders:

If you shop at amazon.com and use the amazon link on the pes.rsu5.org web page, Impact will receive 10% of your purchase price. Bookmark this link to make it easier!

Clynk bags are available in the office for your Maine returnables.

Boxtops for Education” - We continue to collect Boxtops from General Mills products. As you save them, you can just drop them off at the office.The money earned from these boxtops go towards extra classroom needs, student rewards and other school-wide items.

Amazon.com Fundraiser :  If you are shopping online at Amazon,com. this season,  please go to the Pownal School website first and click on the link to Amazon.com.  When you do this, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to our school.  It's an easy fundraiser for our school if you're shopping anyway.  Bookmark the site as a favorite and you can skip the stop of going to the school website first.  Thanks

Looking for a new book to read ?  Bring in a book you've recently read to swap for a new-to-you book!  There is a bookcase in the computer lab where you can leave your book and choose a new book to read.  This is ongoing so feel free to bring in books at any time and help yourself to a new one.  Please only bring in books that are suitable for ages 5 – 12 (no board books or similar infant books)

Toner Cartridge Recycling Drop off your used toner and ink cartridges on the printer table in the computer lab. These get taken to Staples for recycling, and we get $2 credit for each one returned.