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Pownal Track

The Pownal Track program is a cross country running program for grades 1 through 5.  It is offered to our students in both the fall and spring.


The program focuses on good health, good sportsmanship, and being an excellent representative of Pownal School and the Pownal community.  Winning and competition is not stressed in the program.  However, encouraging runners to do their best and set realistic goals is a strong component.


The Pownal Track program is a member of the Coastal Running League made up of towns in the surrounding areas.  The cross country races are for ages 6-7 (half mile), 8-9 (three-quarter mile), and ages 10 and up (one mile).  Practices are held two times a week right after school and the track meets are held on Wednesday afternoons. 



  Impact sponsors a winter basketball program for students in grades 1-5.  This program focuses building skills, good sportmanship, and healthy fun!



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